Find Peace and Quiet

Most people tell me they have too much stress. Work and family balance is out of control; taking care of others’ needs at home and the office is crippling, and there’s no time to take care of ourselves. So many of us struggle to find even a few minutes to truly tend to our bodies (eating properly and maintaining regular physical activity), and to quiet our minds.

We know it’s crucial to find time for ourselves, and yet the subconscious mind is a power thing, and so we continue to spin our wheels on auto pilot, mesmerized by the falsely-derived sense of importance we feel from constantly tending to other peoples’ needs. Even when we seek a few precious quiet moments, too commonly people say they just can’t stop the incessant inner dialogue.

Through many years of coaching in the corporate environment and certainly in my own personal journey, I have learned that the noise of stress keeps us from perceiving (or hearing, seeing, understanding, knowing, feeling, sensing), and can hinder our own process of self awareness. And it’s this very perception, or reception of new insight and information, that we often want and need to tune into; what and who needs forgiveness; what thoughts have us stuck in scarcity mode; and what old beliefs need to go. Stress can be managed and dramatically reduced through a daily practice of meditation. If that’s too much, let’s just call it a few minutes of Peace and Quiet.

After people tell me about their stress, they go on to say they don’t know how to stop the noise in their head. Here’s what I propose, and if you decide to experiment with this, I’m willing to bet you will start to notice changes through your day. Positive changes, like an ability to stay calmer during moments of chaos, like having a more balanced perspective in an argument or disagreement, or more quickly forgiving yourself and others for being human.

  1. Decide you’re going to do this for a few weeks for you. It is a choice, so decide. Don’t say you’ll “try”, because trying is a lower vibration of energy than deciding. Simple.
  2. If you can’t find five minutes in your current morning routine, set the alarm for five minutes earlier. That’s all it is to start. Easy.
  3. Find a calm and comfortable spot where you can sit upright, away from others, and have it be the same place every morning. Uncross your legs and arms/hands. Get coffee first if you need to but it’s better if you don’t have caffein. Done.
  4. Set your phone alarm for five minutes and focus on your breath while you stare at a candle, a crystal, or a glass of water. Download a meditation soundtrack which can also help you come back to your focus. Check. 
  5. When thoughts begin to rush around or towards you, silently acknowledge them and allow them to wash past, bringing your focus back to your breathing or your object or the music. Good. 
  6. When you’re ready (you’ll know when you are), close your eyes and extend your time. Keep a pen and paper handy, because you’ll want to jot down those really good, loving, insightful, productive, and creative thoughts that come your way. You did it. 

As your personal and professional coach, I can’t guarantee all the ways daily Peace and Quiet practice will enrich your life, but I am willing to bet you’ll start to find your way. Let me know how this goes for you!


Copyright 2015 IMAG(in)E Life Coaching LLC All Rights Reserved.

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