Allowing Abundance

I find pennies and dimes all the time. I find them everywhere – sidewalks and streets, busy intersections, restaurant floors, retail counters, and even the women’s locker room. When meditating one morning recently, I asked why I find them?  It came to me that it’s a sign from the Universe that it hears me and is working to line up the things I’m thinking about. Maybe you perceive signs, too?

So I began to search in earnest for my pennies and dimes for extra reassurance. Once I began looking hard for them, they didn’t appear. The other morning, though, on my route for my daily walk/run (also a form of meditation), sure enough I find a penny and I wasn’t even searching. I happened to look down and there it was.

But now I’m confused. Aren’t we supposed to focus really hard on the things we want? Why is it that when I focus on finding my coins they don’t appear; when I’m not focused on it, I find one?

It is so subtle! When we search really hard for something, we focus our energy on the lack or scarcity of that thing. And so the Universe responds with scarcity. But since I simply expect to find coins, and if I relax just a little, they show up. I’m not saying we should give up the “doing” part completely, but maybe loosen the grip just a little and allow the goodness to flow. I believe this concept applies to everything!

So, don’t stop thinking about all the good things and certainly stay active towards your goals, but spend more time expecting the goodness (instead of frantically searching) and I bet your pennies and dimes will start to appear.

Let me know how it goes!


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