Shift Your Model Away From Work-Life Balance

We talk about work-life balance all the time; how we may or may not have have it; or I’ve even heard senior corporate executives say it’s more like work-life integration than balance.

What makes “work-life balance” a mediocre framework is that balancing two elements is unstable and fragile. It’s a two-dimensional model based on opposing forces or demands, and unless the energy you devote to each side is exactly the same, you’re always off centered. Even the words “work” and “life” give an illusion that all this swirl is happening around and outside of us, rather than within. Off centered and swirling – isn’t that how we feel much of the time?

Perhaps a better model is three-dimensional in nature; after all, that’s the physical world in which we exist. Space is three dimensional: length, width and depth. So why not re-evaluate your balance in the context of mind, body and spirit? What would happen if you shifted focus from working really hard at work-life (external) balance, and instead sought to re-prioritize your energy towards meditation, regular activity, and a deeper thought process and belief system anchored in abundance?

If you really want to get nutty, you could add a fourth dimension to your new paradigm, and consider “time”. But in this context, time isn’t past, present and future. Time is now, right now, this moment. Past, present and future rolled into one.

Personal and professional coaches don’t guarantee results, per se, because that’s really up to you. But if you are open to shifting your concept of balance and give yourself permission to take care of you right now, you will find your path. That I promise!


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