Work-Life Balance? Consider Be-Do Balance

Work-Life Balance is a mediocre model, at best, and we have positioned Mind-Body-Spirit as perhaps a better way to create and maintain balance because it focuses on you taking care of you regardless of whether you’re in the office or at home. After further contemplation, there’s a third model to consider: the balance between being and doing.

What does it mean to you to just be? When are you busy being and not busy doing? Think about it for a moment. If you map out the hours when you’re awake, what percentage of time is spent in quiet contemplation when you allow your mind to wander and eventually to become still,  when you literally step back energetically, in your mind’s eye, and observe thoughts come and go, and when you can find peace? For many people, time spent being is a low priority, and yet it’s the only true way to re-energize yourself so you can serve others with more power and passion. Activities that you might consider being include meditation, prayer, painting/drawing/coloring, exercise (no music in headphones please), and yoga to name a few.

Contrast that with the amount of time you’re busy doing, and the time you spend thinking about doing.

My first challenge to you: what ever your daily allocation is between being and doing, increase the being part by 15 minutes a day. After two weeks, let me know how much better you feel. I’m almost willing to guarantee that you will!



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