To Be = I Am

To Be = I Am, and it only just occurred to me!
Today is Sunday, August 30, 2015. I told myself I wouldn’t write on weekends because I want to reserve that time for family. Plus, you’re busy with yours, and so can’t we all just be on a Sunday? But I had somewhat of an epiphany this morning and I felt compelled to write it down mostly so I won’t forget it. And perhaps the subject matter is relevant for a Sunday morning, anyway.

I’ve been writing lately about balance and well being, and how to get to a place where we can allow ourselves to just be. Just be still. Be who you are. Find a calm and quiet place and enjoy being for a little while.

In my private journals, I’ve also done quite a bit of work over the years defining who I am. And I’ve literally used the phrase, “I am“. I have pondered my relationship to and with God or Source or the Universe (the great I AM), and attempted to define myself in those terms. For example, I am

  • relationships – wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, colleague…
  • talents – musician, writer, intuitive listener…
  • mind – intelligent, curious, action oriented…
  • body – athletic, strong, healthy…
  • spirit – free, abundant, bright, big…

My revelation this morning is that the singular present tense of to be is I am. Wow! Merriam Webster online dictionary offers two definitions that make a particular connection for me. The first is, “to have an objective existence, have reality or actuality.” The second is, “to remain undisturbed or uninterrupted.”

If you are having trouble allowing yourself to just be today, maybe spend a few minutes thinking about who you are by completing the sentence, “I am…” By focusing some attention on all the wonderful qualities of who you are, you will, in essence, practice being.


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