Think the Weight Off

Yes, that’s what I said. Think your way to your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals.

Lots of people struggle with losing weight and keeping it off, making healthy food choices, and exercising sufficiently. How many times have you complained to yourself that it’s just too hard, or maybe even impossible? Or, who out there has that inner talk about how much you hate your body? Let me tell you, I know exactly what that feels like. For years, I was right there with you. I was on this body image roller coaster that had no end, fighting with the same darned five or ten pounds up and down my entire life. This went on since I was a teenager in high school. No more – I’m done with that! 

Want to know why most people’s results are often short-lived? Most approach weight loss purely at the conscious level. We set a weight loss goal and rely purely on will power to reach the goal. Will power exists only within the conscious part of our mind, and it fails every time especially when it’s up against the power of the subconscious mind.  When we do nothing with the underlying automatic behaviors, thoughts, and associations maintained by the subconscious, those old and comfortable behaviors take over again.

Lasting results can only be achieved when the subconscious and conscious minds are joined in complete and total agreement. I have created a new program called Think the Weight Off. It is a process that uniquely and creatively blends hypnotherapy (automatic behaviors) and coaching (raise awareness of choices) so that you can live a healthier lifestyle with relative ease. Losing weight and making healthy choices every single day doesn’t have to be so hard!

The body always follows the mind. There are no exceptions. Your body will naturally release the weight as you positively change your thoughts, emotions and beliefs about your body and your relationship with food and exercise.

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