Coaching: You’re Buying “Feel Better”

Have you ever asked yourself why do you buy stuff? What’s the underlying motivation behind what you purchase? If you’re like me, we tend to buy things we believe will help us feel better in some way. I buy food so my body feels satisfied (usually it’s healthy stuff, but even junk food has a temporary and false “feel good” feeling!). The clothes I buy help me feel stylish. Home furnishings help me feel grounded in comfort and familiarity. My car helps me feel safe on the roads. And so on.

We’re so used to buying things to help us feel better (immediate yes, but also temporary!) that the concept of spending money on something that targets our thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns seems a bit like a hoax. It takes too long, and the “feel good feeling” isn’t necessarily guaranteed because it’s up to you how much work you want to put into it.  Yikes – spending money to work at something?!? And so, lots of people aren’t really sure what they’re getting when they invest the time and financial resources on themselves with the partnership of a coach or hypnotherapist.

What, then, do people buy when they hire a coach or hypnotherapist, and how does that compare to what motivates us to buy things?

  • Unlike a product from a store, the results from coaching are less tangible – coaching helps you make shifts in your mindset and behaviors over time.
  • Another difference is that deep and lasting coaching is transformational in nature, while buying things tends to be transactional.
  • And since the products we buy are external to our minds and spirits, the feeling of satisfaction is often short lived and temporary. Results from coaching and hypnotherapy last a lifetime.

Everyone Wants To Feel Better.
Every coaching and hypnotherapy session opens with the question of what you want to address and accomplish. And naturally, the things you bring to the discussion, your goals and challenges, circumstances, how you think, and how you experience the full range emotions are always unique to you.

Like buying products from a shelf, when you hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, yoga instructor, massage therapist, personal shopper, in-home chef, make-up artist, hair dresser (and the list goes on), you’re buying the promise of feeling better. It’s the same thing with a coach (and hypnotherapist), except the shift you make to feeling better is often deep and permanent.

The process isn’t alway immediate: shifts in mindset and personal growth occur over time. Often, you encounter internal resistance to change, which is why the coaching partnership is so valuable. Just when you’re about to “give up” or revert to old and familiar patterns (you know what I’m talking about), your coach steps in and holds you accountable to yourself. That’s when feeling better becomes your new norm.

That’s what you’re buying when you hire a coach. You’re buying feeling better in a deep, meaningful and lasting way.


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