Meditation Series: Past Life Regression

People seem to be in one of two camps (or on the fence) on the question of whether past life (or multiple past lives) is Truth. (Truth with a capital T as in Universal Truth which applies to all of us, versus truth as in personal belief.) There actually isn’t much to debate here, or at least not one worth arguing. Either you believe it’s possible and therefore true, or it’s impossible and therefore not true, and in either case it probably doesn’t matter. Let me explain.

I read somewhere that every thought and feeling ever conceived by every human who ever lived still exists. Wrap your mind around that for a while! If every thought ever held is still “out there”, what form does it take?  Thoughts and feelings, as I’ve written before, have their own substance in terms of energy vibration. They exist as things. So as we think and feel, we create and extend an eternal and universal imprint which continues into infinity. That’s why our thoughts and feelings matter!

If every thought ever thought is still out there, it is possible for those of us living in the present to tap into those impressions and memories, and to learn and heal from them. If we are open to it mentally and spiritually, we might even re-experience them as our own, thus claiming to have had a past life. Or, maybe we really can and do live on this planet in physical form in time and space more than once. I guess my point is whether you believe in past lives as truth really isn’t the point at all.

Why does any of this matter? In my hypnotherapy practice, it doesn’t matter if you believe in past lives. The helpful part of all this is that there is often information and insight that comes forward in a past life regression that can help you heal emotional and physical scars, so you can move forward with your present life.  That information may be from the universal bank of thought, or it could be your own previous experience. Either way, it’s about using the information for evolving and moving past our issues. That’s the entire point!

People are talking more about past life regression as a powerful healing modality. Thankfully, it is becoming more mainstream! Past life regression can be particularly helpful when someone is dealing with a medically unexplained physical pain or symptom. Usually, body pain is related to pent up and unresolved emotional issues, and using past life regression can help put it all into perspective.  In other instances, past life regression can be used to understand relationships with others, or to  understand where self sabotaging behaviors come from.

If you have ever wondered about past lives, or you’ve experienced bits and pieces of memories, or even if you have a special connection to a part of the world or a time in history that just feels like home, past life regression can be an enormously insightful and healing process. It is similar to a regular hypnotherapy session (usually a bit longer), and I’m with you the entire time. You are conscious and aware, and always grounded in the present.

True story. My coach who is trained in a technique called re-patterning worked with me on my own past life experience. I have been frustrated that I seem to have an ENORMOUS appetite between 3 and 6 pm, and it never matters what I consume during the day. I asked her to help me understand what was going on. (Separately, I have always had a very deep connection to Scotland and England, and I’ve been drawn to the 1500s – I have a strange and strong sense of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth the First! I digress.) My past life regression revealed that I was poor woman in the early 1500s and we were farmers. We had a bad crop one year, but every few days soldiers would still come through late afternoon and we would have to pay them off with whatever food we could find or steal. We paid them so they would not harm us, and we paid them to protect us. I don’t even know if they were Scots or English, Catholic or Protestant! And sometimes, there were young men soldiers who we knew from our clan and so we shared our food to protect them as well. Whenever we did have food, we filled our bellies because we never knew when they’d be back to take our stores. I can still see the hills and the forest, and the shack that was our home. I died an old woman  and remember that while life was hard, there were also times of joy. Now, when I come back to 2016, I celebrate every day that we have enough food in our house for each day. And honestly, I’ve been able to control my cravings in the late afternoon.  

I absolutely love the process of past life regression and I would love to work with you! Send me an email and let’s talk about what’s going on with you, and how this process can help.


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