Meditation Series: Quantum Leaping

Are you asking yourself, “What in this world is Quantum Leaping?”  Quantum Leaping (or Jumping) is a really cool technique that can help address a wide range of life’s challenges when you really want change, but you aren’t sure how to get there. It’s not too different from Past Life Regression (see previous blog discussion); rather than travel into the past to revisit a possible previous lifetime, you travel to a parallel universe. Another world.

Quantum Leaping is also based on attaining a deeply relaxed-but-conscious mental state as in meditation or hypnosis.  You then imagine or visualize yourself in another parallel universe – the one where you are actually living the change that you seek. The idea is that if you believe that it’s possible for multiple parallel universes to co-exist, then you can visit yourself through your mind’s eye, and observe how you’ve already accomplished it “over there”.

While you are there, you can have a conversation with your other self, and find out how she actually got to the place where she’s living your dream.  You can ask her how she stepped into the ideal career, how she acquired the abundant resources, or how she found the solutions to the problems that now stump you. Then, when you come out of your meditation, you will have many new and creative ways that you can achieve your goals.

Does all this sound a little wacky? Yea, maybe it does. The question of whether Quantum Leaping is real, or if you are tapping into the infinite creativity of your own mind is up to you to decide. But what if Quantum Leaping (and Past Life Regression) are just words that don’t really mean anything other than you finding a way to tap into your own conscious/subconscious mind and your spirit to find your own answers?Answers which have always been there? You don’t have to believe that time travel or universe travel is possible; instead, believe that you already have the answers and use  your imagination to bring them forward.

During a meditation recently, I tried out Quantum Leaping for myself. I asked my other self how she became a highly successful entrepreneur. She said, “With me, people feel deeply listened to and understood, they feel valued and loved, and therefore, they trust me. For you, be even more vocal about what you appreciate in others, because it is so rare that we share with one other how precious we each are. Don’t assume that people hear how special they are from family or their closest friends. Above all else, authenticity is the most important. Be yourself. Be real. And offer everyone you see and meet every day this gift, and they will want what you have: peace, and extended and expanded grace.” Wow. Maybe that was my other self sharing this incredible wisdom. Maybe it was coming from my spirit. Maybe it was an angel. In any case, what a beautiful business plan that is!


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