I am good enough when…

My first exposure to a career coach was in 2012. I hired Maureen that summer to help me understand how my evolving sense of life’s purpose intersected with my career. My coach helped me with questions like, what are my passions and strengths? Is it possible to continue to grow and serve within the current company and position? What does it look like to truly bring my personal authenticity to the office environment? If career change is the path, what steps would I need to take to prepare? You’ve probably thought many of these same questions over your own career, and in fact, career transition is a very common reason why people seek a coaching partnership.

One of the early homework assignments she had me do was to complete this sentence, “I am good enough when…”  Even right now, thinking about completing that sentence today, it still gives me a little anxiety. Why? Because completing this sentence implies that I am good enough, or at least there are times when I allow myself the luxury of thinking I am adequate and complete.

Here’s the question. If it is possible that I am (you are) good enough sometimes, isn’t it possible that I am (you are) good enough always?

This morning, looking through the journals I’ve kept since 2001,  I found the poem that I wrote in response. I started to wonder how my coaching clients would complete the sentence, and how you might. The truth is, we are all good enough this moment and every moment. We are good enough right now, where we are, with all our perceived flaws and noticed perfections. We have always been good enough, even though our egos would have us believe otherwise.

I’d like to share my poem with you, which is below, written in August 2012. I’m tempted to re-write it based on how I’ve grown over the past four years. But I’ll leave the original intact. Perhaps you’ll write about this in your own journal this week?

I am good enough when…

My dog rests with me, my children mother me, my husband cares for me, I am honest.

My sister calls to check on me, my boss says “good job”, my body is happy after a meal, I laugh.

It no longer matters what others think, I don’t worry about tomorrow or fret over yesterday, I write and pray.

I do my best, I am my best, I feel my best, I am.