IMAG(in)E Life Coaching LLC

IMAG(in)E is a personal and career coaching company. Our mission is for each client to thrive in all facets of life in a healthy and balanced way. We are focused on the needs of mid-life women and men who feel stuck personally or professionally; people who want more from life and are seeking to make positive and lasting change. We help our clients get unstuck!

The word image means a mental picture or impression you have of something; imagine is to create something, or to form a picture or idea in your mind that is not currently present. Therefore, IMAG(in)E is about helping each client imagine a new self-image, and to help take action to reach goals. The approach we use is unique to each client, bringing together co-active coaching and hypnotherapy to address issues holistically.

What are some examples of issues that clients bring to the table?  

  • Stress and home-work balance
  • Career next steps
  • Confidence (public speaking, test taking)
  • Sports performance
  • Body image and weight management
  • Body syndromes

The original photograph above was taken by my oldest daughter for a school assignment, which was called “Free Choice.” How appropriate! Despite the circumstances of our upbringing, our life is a free choice and it’s up to each of us to choose every single day. We choose our belief systems, thought patterns and emotions, behaviors, relationships, and even the perspectives we place on our memories.  And I love the metaphor of the ever changing ocean waves on the beach, the natural rhythm and flow of the ocean like the currents of life. Here’s to your Free Choice!

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