About Anna

Hi, and thank you for spending time with me here. My name is Anna, and I am a 30-year veteran of the corporate arena. I am also a certified coach, and have worked with many people – both at work and outside the office –  in the area of balancing life and work.  Life@Work.

Check out my profile on LinkedIn (Anna Oakley van Ophem), and you’ll see that I’ve invested a full career in financial services across a number of wonderful organizations. I’ve served as an individual contributor and in formal leadership roles. I describe myself as someone who initiates transformation, leads others through change, solves problems strategically, develops talent mindfully, and listens intensely.

I am fascinated by three dynamics in the workplace:

  • Making positive change stick, both in dealing with personal growth and also organizational and cultural change in the workplace.
  • Driving diversity and inclusion within organizations, with particular emphasis on women’s issues.
  • Introducing mindfulness practices at work, and in particular shining a light on emotional and personal accountability for our own experiences in the office.

I live in Overland Park, Kansas with my husband and two beautiful daughters. I hope you enjoy my blog, and share it freely with your network.

My best,



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