Have you ever attended Corporate Athlete® by Human Performance Institute®? Highly recommended! The course objectives are to “manage and expand your energy capacity to perform in high-stress environments without compromising health and happiness.” The two-day program I attended focused our attention and intention on managing energy across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Who doesn’t want … Continue reading Mission…possible?

A Lesson in D&I as an Uber Driver

In my 30 years of industry experience, the sweeping movement of diversity and inclusion (D&I) within corporate American culture seems to have seriously take hold just a few years ago.  Company policies, corporate cultures, and leader/individual awareness are all moving in the right direction, and with accelerating momentum. That’s great news, even though there are indicators … Continue reading A Lesson in D&I as an Uber Driver

I am good enough when…

My first exposure to a career coach was in 2012. I hired Maureen that summer to help me understand how my evolving sense of life’s purpose intersected with my career. My coach helped me with questions like, what are my passions and strengths? Is it possible to continue to grow and serve within the current … Continue reading I am good enough when…

Empathy, a Path to Prayer

I am telling you this true story because I am afraid to tell you this story. I feel other people’s pain. Literally. I don’t recall exactly when I began sensing other people’s physical pain. I was on a business trip (so it must have been several years ago) at some random hotel in an equally random city. … Continue reading Empathy, a Path to Prayer